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Sunbeds4hire - Yorkshire's biggest sunbed and home rental specialistVertical Sunbed

Here at sunbeds4hire we offer sunbeds for home hire and rental throughout the Yorkshire region, you can hire all types of sunbeds to meet your varying needs and budgets from single canopies, doubles to the latest vertical stand up units fitted with Electronic tubes or up to 250W tubes for superior results. please call our head office in Leeds on 0113 3996745 to reserve your sunbed today.

All our home rental sunbeds come equipped with the most up to date and modern fast tanning sunbed tubes which comform to the highest British Standards. Sunbed tanning times do vary depending upon the type of sunbed used, the user’s skin type and the type of sunbed tubes fitted.

Sunbeds4hire are a well established company who have over 27 years in the industry, and we are very proud of our sunbed service standards and aftercare for all our customers around the UK. Sunbed eye protection is provided with all sunbed hire and rentals which includes FREE DELIVERY.

For all sunbed home hire and rentals in the Yorkshire and surrounding areas please call 0113 3996745

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Vertical Sunbed Hire

Vertical standup sunbed hire

Our most popular home hire sunbeds. These stand up sunbed units take up less than one square metre, so accommodating them into the home or garage space is very easy indeed. These  give you 360 degree tanning for that all over glow all year round.

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Double cannopy sunbed hire

Double canopy sunbed hire

Our double canopy sunbeds are fitted with up to 24 tubes and are perfect for home tanning. All our double canopy sunbeds come with the latest fast tanning tubes.

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Single cannopy sunbed hire

Single canopy sunbed hire

A popular slim-line foldaway sunbed. These are ideal when available space to put a sunbed is limited. Single canopy sunbeds unlike double sunbeds and stand up sunbeds can be easily moved around and can also be used over a bed

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